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Our Values

As a Church Of England school, our values are very important to us and reflect the Christian ethos of the school. In January 2023, during our Vision Day, we asked the pupils to vote for the four core values of the school, the ones that meant the most to them. They voted for:
Kindness, Respect, Friendship and Hope.
We follow the Roots and Fruits programme for Collective Worship, in a two year rolling programme as follows. 
Generosity, Compassion, Courage, Forgiveness, Friendship and Respect
Thankfulness, Trust, Perseverance, Justice, Service and Truthfulness
In our daily Collective Worship we explore what these values mean to us, through stories from the Bible, stories in the school library, poetry, song and discussion. We reflect on what they mean to us and how we can live life through these values in school and beyond. 
We are a KIND school and follow the 52 lives of Kindness. This value is threaded through school life and talked about daily. We run a Kindness club and hand out Kindness awards. 
Hope is a new value, which we explore at the start of each school year. The children voted for it as their core value because they felt it worked well with our new vision.