Year 6 Leavers Service at Gloucester Cathedral

5th June 2019
On Wednesday our Year 6 attended the Leavers Service at Gloucester Cathedral. This service is held several times throughout the week with all the Church of England schools in the Diocese invited to attend. Mr Crunkhurn leads the service for the Diocese.
During the service Joe and Robert presented our banner and Mrs Sim and Tana collected a candle for the school. Amelie gave a reading as part of the service. Our children always enjoy being involved in this service which is a time of reflection on their primary school life and an opportunity to look forward to their new life in secondary school.
After the service the children all enjoyed having lunch at Toby Carvery, kindly paid for by Friends of Westbury. It's lovely for our year 6 to have this opportunity to spend time together before they make their transition to secondary school.