Worship Team

We are very proud of our worship team, which is made up of children from the upper years in school.  Their role is to set up the hall for our daily acts of worship; select songs, prepare the worship table and lead the singing. 

Most importantly, each Tuesday and Thursday, the Worship Team lead the whole act of worship.  They spend time before worship in planning and preparation, under the guidance of a member of staff who offers support only, as the Worship Team take complete control over the direction and reflection of the worship.

In addition to leading weekly whole school worship the team may lead class worship throughout the year if they are called upon to do so.

The worship Team have also been instrumental in the services that take place at the church during Harvest, Christmas and Easter, and lead the 'Experience' journeys around the church. 

"Through the wide variety of worship styles, children have plenty of opportunities to lead acts of worship either in small groups or as a whole school. This gives children a greater sense of ownership of worship."

SIAMS February 2015