Westbury SEN Provision

As a school we follow Gloucestershire Graduated Pathway to identify and properly respond to children with SEND needs.


The Graduated Pathway is based on a simple Assess, Plan, Do, Review model and has the following graduated responses:


My Profile - Completed by all children


My Plan - A simple planning tool to support a child or young person that looks holistically at the child’s needs across areas of life.


My Plan+ - a more in-depth and integrated assessment, understanding and analysis of a child or young person’s needs especially when outcomes are not being achieved or progress is not being made and the child has SEND.


My EHC Plan - an Education, Health and Care Plan is a statutory plan that has replaced a Statement of Special Educational Needs. An EHC Plan may be needed when a child or young person’s educational needs cannot be met within existing additional resource already delegated to the school. The Local Authority assesses this need based on the evidence provided.




There four areas of Special Needs as outlined:

- Communication and Interaction

- Cognition and Learning

- Social, Emotional and Mental Health

- Sensory and/ or Physical


These areas are covered by three levels of provision for SEND within the school:


Wave 1: Whole class teaching is differentiated for all abilities and involves visual cues, ICT, modelling and hands-on activities in order to engage children who have different learning needs.


Wave 2: Progress is monitored carefully by the Class Teacher, SENCO and Senior Management Team. During their time at Westbury many pupils benefit from having some individual or group intervention to help them catch up with the rest of their peers in a specific area of learning. This support could be either within or outside of class. These pupils may also be supported by My Plan.


Wave 3: Pupils who have not made sufficient progress as a result of Wave 2 intervention, have significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children of the same age or have a disability, will have a My Plan / My Plan + / EHC. All three plans contains specific short term targets for the pupil and school to work.


To see our SEND Policy and Accessibility Plan please see the links below.