Wellbeing Ideas

26th March 2020
While we are all acclimatising  to our new routines here are some ideas to boost our mental wellbeing.
The link below is for Childline's Calm Zone which has lots of ideas, activities and games you can try together.
 We saw this idea yesterday and are sharing it in case anyone else wants to try. Every time we wish we could do something, go somewhere, treat ourselves, see someone we love, visit a new place, invite people to visit us, we’re going to write it down on a post it note and put it in a jar.
When all this is over this will be our bucket list and we’ll work our way through the jar and be more grateful than ever for the little and lovely things in our lives. Until then we’ll enjoy watching the jar fill up with magical things to look forward to.
This is a lovely variation of the 'Good Times' jar that many people try throughout the year. Keeping  a 'Good Times' or 'Things to be Thankful For' jar at this worrying time can also help us to cope. Just write a note every time something good happens that makes you smile and pop it in a jar. Can you find one thing to be thankful for each day? It could be that the sun is shining and you had a picnic lunch in the garden, or, as it was for me this week, finding some forgotten treat in the fridge or cupboard! 
Taking the time to notice the good things can really help our mental wellbeing.