We The Curious

26th January 2018
On Friday 26th Westbury-on-Severn C of E School took learning outside the classroom with the whole school visiting We the Curious at Bristol. Every class participated in both a planetarium and a workshop session complimenting their theme or science learning this term as well as having an opportunity to explore the many and varied exhibits.
In the planetarium Class Three enjoyed a journey through history as they explored the topic of flight, how man has pursued this dream, the innovators and machines and the forces that make it possible. The journey included flying carpets and dragons and had us all jumping at times!
In their workshop Class Three continue to explore forces learning about different devices we can use to change the strength or direction. Using a lever they were able to lift Mrs Young and Mrs Noad with just three fingers! They also looked at how pulleys gears and cams worked. The workshop was fully interactive with all children taking part and finishing with them using what they had learned to create a catapult to feed the Furbies.
Class One watched the Splash and Bubble Show, and entertaining show encouraging the children to explore the world around them. Concentrating on liquids and gases the show introduced scientific language in a fun and interesting way. 
They also shared a planetarium session with Class Two where they learned about Space and Space Explorers. The 3D effects and surround sound certainly added to the experience and enhanced their learning.
In addition to the planetarium visit Class Two participated in a Lightshow Workshop which perfectly complemented their 'Eureka!' theme. Within the workshop they learned about different types of light and how to make it. They also watched one of their classmates fight with a light saber!