Visit to SCBU

4th December 2017
On Monday Mr Crunkhurn and Mrs Noad accompanied the Kift family to the Special Care Baby Unit to see Archie present a cheque for £800 to them. The cheque was the proceeds of the fundraising the whole school took part in during Sports Week in the summer term.
The children in class 3 all prepared presentations about their favourite charity persuading everyone to vote for them. The charity with the most votes was the one the school adopted for their Sports Week fundraising.
Archie chose the SCBU as he had been born 7 1/2 weeks early and spent seven weeks there. He was just 1 1/2lb when he was born and needed the help of the Unit and their specialist staff. He gave a very emotional presentation and his charity was the outright winner.
On Monday everyone was greeted by the Matron of the unit and given a tour. Archie was able to see the incubators and equipment that was used to care for him when he was born. He also met two members of staff who worked there when he was there. They were delighted to see him, and to hear of what he had done to raise money for them.
The Matron told them about the work of the charity and what equipment they are currently raising money for. They are hoping to buy some more breast pumps to help mothers feed their babies and also have a transport pod on their wish list. This is a special incubator which can be strapped to an ambulance stretcher and be used to transport babies to other hospitals for treatment. 
Thank you to everyone who helped raise this tremendous amount for the SCBU. It is a fantastic achievement for such a small school and will make a real difference to the lives of premature babies and their families.