Useful Books

27th May 2020
As we begin our return to school our children are likely to be experiencing many different feelings and emotions and may need some explanations and reassurance. A good starting point is these two stories which I have included in the Coronavirus updates section in books and the ELSA section but am also flagging up here in case you missed them!
The Little Elf and the Flowers of Hope and Bravery is a therapeutic story written by Nottingham Educational Psychology  Department. It has advice on how to use it to help discuss feelings as we move back to school.
The Coronavirus Back to School story is written by Debbie Palphreyman of ELSA Support and gives some information about what school will be like and how we may feel as we return.
The Back to School Super Heroes also explains what school may look like as we begin our return.
I hope these are helpful. 
Mrs Noad