Tree Planting

22nd February 2017
Our School Council was invited to represent the school and plant an oak tree in the fireld opposite Westbury Court Gardens. The National Trust, who are trustees of the gardens, are planting an avenue of oak trees that can be seen from the pavillion in the gardens. They have already planted avenues to the east and west. They invites local organisations, including Westbury School, to plant a tree.
The school council learned how the trees had been  grown and brought to the site and the holes dug. The roots had been wrapped in a special biodegradable fabric which will rot away as the tree grows. They were shown how to check that the tree was central and then they began filling in the earth around the tree and stamping it down.
It was harder work than it looked and took some time! 
Getting to the field was quite an adventure. We had to cross the busy A48 and then go down the public footpath, over a stile, through a muddy field and across a bridge. It was like going on a bear hunt!
Once the tree was planted we had to stake it to prevent it being blown over while it is still putting down roots. This was especially important as a big storm, doris, was on it's way.
Once our tree was safely planted and staked the last piece of stock fencing was put up to prevent the sheep from damaging our young tree.
Our tree is the first one on the left as you look at the avenue from the road so we can see it when we pass by and check that it is growing well. Please have a look next time you pass.