The Structure of Religious Education at Westbury

The structure of Religious education in our school is as shown in the table below. It expresses how the Key questions at Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2 are explored throughout the time children are with us in Primary School. Teachers take these Key questions and create their own schemes of work from them using the ‘Footsteps’ approach as set out in the guidance within the 2011-2016 Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus. Non-statutory guidance, which supports the teaching and learning of the key questions is provided within the Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus for RE and is used, where appropriate, by the class teachers as they prepare learning. However, as a school, we have moved away from following this guidance too closely, so as to ensure that the learning planned and delivered to the children in our school, is rooted in the experiences that they bring and also to promote creativity amongst teachers.


Class 1: Mixed Reception/Year 1

Class 2: Mixed Year 2/Year 3


Harvest:               Yr A) A time for sharing

                            Yr B) A time for giving thanks

Year a)  Being special (FS)

Year b)  What does it mean to belong? (KS1 3b Christianity focus)

Year a) Who made the world? (KS1 1a Christianity and Judaism)

Year b)  What makes the Bible sacred, what does it tell us and how is it used? (KS2 1b Christianity)

Christmas:          Yr a) Jesus’ Birthday

                                Yr b)   Nativity

Christmas:           Yr a) Gifts

                                Yr b) Giving / light


Year a)  Why are some stories special? (KS1 1c Christianity and Judaism)

Year b)  Special People (FS) & What can I do for others? (KS1 3a)

Year a)  Why are some people leaders? (KS1 1b Focus on Jesus as a Leader)

Year b) What do Christians believe God is like and how does believing in God influence people’s lives? (KS2 1a Christianity + one other religion from Judaism or Islam)

Easter   Yr a) New Life

                Yr b) Holy Week

Easter   Yr a)   New beginnings

                Yr b) Holy Week


Year a)  Special Places (FS)

Year b)  What special things help people to worship? (KS1 2b Christianity and Judaism)

Year a)  Aspects of Judaism (Moses as a Leader & family life KS1 1b & KS2 3c Judaism)

Year b) Where how and why do Christians worship? (KS2 2c Christianity)


Class 3:   Mixed Year 4/Year 5/Year 6


Harvest: God’s Promise

Harvest: Our place in creation

Yr a)       Hinduism unit exploring 2 focus questions: How and why do Hindus worship in the home and Mandir?

(KS2 2c)

Yr a)       How do Hindus express meaning through festivals? (KS2 2a)

                Yr b)       How should believers live? What do religions say? (KS2 3a selected religions)

Christmas – Homelessness

Christmas: Choices and change


Yr a)       Why do believers often see life as a journey and what significant experiences mark this?

(KS2 2b Christianity and another religion)

Yr b)       How and why do believers care for others and the world?

(KS2 3c Christianity and other religions)

Easter:  Sorrow / joy

Easter: Humility / service


Yr a)       What makes a person inspiring to others?

(KS2 1c)

Yr b)       Who am I? My spirit, my life.

(KS2 a creative and expressive unit drawing together learning over the Key Stage)

Yr b)       How do religious families practice their faith and how does it influence their lives

(KS2 3b Christianity and either Hindu ism or Judaism)