Story Sacks

17th December 2015
Year Five have been busy making story sacks in their Westbury Workshop this term. These are bags which contain a story book and some activities related to the story. They are a great resource to help bring a story to life and encourage younger children to enjoy reading. Using a story sack can enhance childrens' literacy skills.
Year Five chose three books and created games and activities to go with them. These included story boards with felt peices to retell the stories, fact cards, bingo, dominoes and boards games, sorting activities and space playdough. Once they had created the games and activities the children wrote instructions and also devised some questions that could be asked whilst the books were shared.
At the end of the term the Year Five children took their story sacks down to Class 1 and spent a session sharing them with them. Class 1 really enjoyed sharing the books with the older children and especially enjoyed using the story sacks and activities to explore the stories in more depth. The Year Five children were very proud to share what they had made, and to see how much the younger children enjoyed using them.
Next term Year Six will be creating story sacks and we look forward to seeing what they create. By the end of the year we should have a number of these for our Class 1 and Bright Horizon children to use in school.