SIAMS Inspection Report 2021

16th December 2021
Dear Parents & Carers,
I have the greatest pleasure in sharing with you the report of our recent SIAMS Inspection (Statutory Inspection on Anglican and Methodist Schools). We are delighted to have been awarded the highest grade of 'Excellent' across all areas of Church school work. This grade replaces the previous grade of Excellent and is given to very few schools nationally, so another reason for us to be so pleased with this result.
As I leave Westbury, this report recognises the journey we have all taken together and met the difficult and sometimes painful challenges of life along the way. However, as a 'Westbury Family', we have joined together to always try and give the best to those in our care. I know this will continue moving forward and I thank you all for continuing to choose us as your child's school and for being part of our family here. The grade we have been given does not belong to any one group or individual, but to everyone who is part of our school community and that means you.
Thank you for your commitment to our school and please be assured of our continued and relentless commitment to you.
God bless, and enjoy reading about our amazing children.
Christmas blessing to you all,
Mr C David Crunkhurn Headteacher