School Council

Our School Council is made up of an elected child from Years 1 - 6. Elections take place in the first week of the school year and every child has a vote. The elected representatives hold the role for the school year.
Our School Councillors pass on the children's ideas and concerns to the school staff. They help to make decisions about things such as our behaviour code, school logo and what resources we need in school. They have helped to format our 3 Bs, choose items for our trim trail and playtime equipment.
School Councillors take their responsibilities very seriously. They often have the job of greeting visitors to the school and showing them around and have also helped during interviews for school staff, showing them the school and interviewing them.
So far this year our School Council has helped to organise and host a Pop Up Festival to help raise the Emotional Literacy of the School and support wellbeing and has also investigated new ideas for playtime activities. This has led to them guiding the purchase of new equipment and storage and setting up themes for each day's activities. The School Council hope this will promote cooperative play and encourage children to be more active during playtimes.