Satement of Entitlement of Religious Education

Underpinning the requirements for Religious Education in our church school, is the ‘Statement of Entitlement for Religious Education’ as set out by the Church of England Education Office. This document sets out the aims for developing religiously educated individuals. At Westbury-on-Severn CE Primary School, we aim to include these aims into our own teaching, so that children in our school are provided with quality teaching and learning.

Children are taught Religious Education in a cycle that supports the class structure of the school, and whilst we provide the children with a broad, rich and experiential curriculum, which is delivered through a thematic approach, we keep the integrity of Religious Education by teaching this discretely within themes. However, wherever there are strong links, the concepts skills and understanding that children have gathered through their exploration of religions is included in other subject areas. This is particularly so where values are referred to.

Please see the link below to read the Statement of Entitlement.