Pupil Premium

You may have heard in the press of late, that as part of school funding, an amount of money is allocated to schools called the ‘Pupil Premium’ and as part of the accountability process, schools are to report to parents on how this money has been used to support specifically identified groups of children and the impact of that spending on pupil achievement.

The following is information that I hope you will find useful in understanding the ‘Pupil Premium’ and how at Westbury-on-Severn CE Primary School we have used that money to make a difference to the academic progress of our children.

Pupil Premium. What is it?

The Pupil Premium is allocated in order that support is given to those children identified as being entitled to and in receipt of free school meals (FSM).  However, it is not ring-fenced to those children and can be spent in any way that the school sees fit, so long as the school is able to demonstrate that the specific needs of the FSM pupils have been addressed and how this additional – and specific – funding is being used for this purpose.

School leaders and governing bodies need to ensure that their school is tracking the progress of pupils in receipt of free school meals (FSM) to demonstrate how the school is using the Pupil Premium.  It is for the school to determine how best to use the funding .

From September 2012 school leaders and governing bodies need to ensure that their school is publishing information to parents about how all Pupil Premium funding has been used and what the impact has been on learning, attainment and pupil wellbeing and/or pastoral care.

All schools need to ensure that they are able to give a full account of the use of Pupil Premium funding, allocated to the school on the basis of those pupils who are in receipt of free school meals.  From 2012 national school performance tables will include information about the progress of pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium and, from September 2012, all schools will be required to publish information to parents about:

- how pupil premium funding has been used; and

- what impact it has had on pupil progress.