Polling Day

23rd June 2016
The children in Class 3 have been following the debates about the EU Referendum with great interest. Within their literacy lessons they have been writing speeches to voice their opinions on whether the UK should remain in the EU or leave. They have also written letters to non voters to persuade them to vote and created posters to persuade people to vote to remain or to leave.
Class 3 have shared their speeches with Class 1 and 2 and have been involved in a number of enthusiastic discussions about the reasons why the UK should remain or leave the EU.
Today the hall was set up as a polling station and the whole school had a chance to vote.
As the voters came into the polling station reporters were asking their opinions. The voters were very eager to have their chance to vote.
Once everyone had voted the officers counted the votes, removing any that were spoilt.
After confirming their name and class with the officers each voter was given a slip to take to the voting booth. Once they voted they put their ballot paper into the box.
The whole school gathered to hear the Returning Officer announce the results. Excitement mounted as the results came in.
The results for Westbury-On-Severn C of E Primary School were
Remain 71 votes
Leave 6 votes
Spoiled papers 2
We look forward to seeing if our results match the real vote.