PGL Day Four

22nd March 2018
Everyone has had a great last day at PGL. The weather has continued to be kind and we have enjoyed some amazing experiences.
Group Two began their day with fencing and not only sparred with one another but all got a chance to take on the instructor! All the children have been very excited by their introduction to fencing and we have been coming up with ideas on how we can do fencing in the corridor!
Their day continued with the Challenge Course before lunch and Orienteering and the Zip Wire afterwards. As with everything this week they have risen to the challenge and supported each other.
This evening's activity was the disco which was much enjoyed by all. Sadly the photos are not very good due to the lighting.
Tomorrows activities are Archery and Climbing Wall before we make our way home to you. Our estimated time of arrival is 3.30 pm. Photos of these activities won't be posted until after your children have got home.
Group One had Challenge Trail and Fencing this morning. The Challenge Trail consisted of a number of obstacles to be traversed and once completed other criteria were added to increase the challenge. 
Group Three did fencing at the same time as Group One and they joined together to make one big group. Everyone worked really hard to learn the 'On Guard' position and how to move in fencing which was harder than you think! They then had a chance to fence with each other which proved to be harder still when wearing all the kit.
This afternoon Group one had Zip Wire and Orienteering and all worked together to find the different numbers around the grounds.
Group Three started the day with the Sensory Trail and after several attempts were able to follow instructions while blind folded and remain in their line. Watching them try to herd each blind ;folded sheep' into a pen was very amusing for those watching! Once they had completed this they led each other around the trail, still blind folded which proved just how brilliant they are at communicating.
Fencing with Group One followed and then after lunch they completed several challenges on the Challenge Trail which again proved how well they can problem solve, listen to one another and work as a team. The instructor was amazed at their creative thinking when solving the challenge he gave them. Their last activity of the day was Trapeze and every child made it to the top and jumped off, many managing to catch the trapeze. Mr C also achieved this and we are very proud of his achievement.