PGL Day 3

21st March 2018
Group Two also had Jacob's Ladder and Problem Solving this morning and worked really hard to get as high as they could on the ladder. This afternoon they enjoyed Aeroball and Abseiling.
We have had another fantastic day of activities today. All the children are working well together and rising to the challenges and we've been told all their activity leaders have been singing their praises. Everyone was very happy to welcome Mrs Sim who came to join us today.
Group One had Problem Solving and Jacob's Ladder this morning, both activities that required them to work together as a team. This afternoon they had Abseiling and Aeroball.
Group Three started the day with Problem Solving and had a little help from ninja snowman in the see saw challenge! They then had Abseiling before lunch. This afternoon they all did magnificently on the Jacobs Ladder and then went Orienteering around the grounds. 
Mrs Noad was very excited at getting to wear a PGL jacket once again!