PGL Day 2

20th March 2018
Group Two have also done the Giant Swing, Sensory Trail, Trapeze and Raft Building today. With a small group pulling the rope for the swing was hard work but they rose to the challenge. They all managed to 'fall in' during raft building but as it was the last activity were soon dry and warm again.
We have had a fantastic day today. Everyone has challenged themselves and achieved their targets and supported one another. 
Group Ones's activities have been Sensory Trail, Giant Swing, Raft Building and Trapeze so a real mix of mud, heights and water! Trapeze appears to have been the favourite activity with everyone achieving jumping off the platform, even Miss Wills!
Group Three had a slightly different program today. They started with Aeroball which they were very excited about, especially Mrs Noad! Next was the zip wire where everyone had two goes and practiced their ninja moves whilst flying down the line. This afternoon they had the Giant Swing and Raft Building.