Newnham Music Festival

14th June 2018
On Thursday afternoon Class 2 and 3 were invited to attend Newnham Church to watch Red Priest perform. Red Priest are a four-piece Baroque group named after composer Antonio Vivaldi who are renowned for their visionary imaginative interpretation of Baroque and early music.
The group all introduced themselves and their instruments to the children. This was a rare opportunity to hear the harpsichord live and the children were able to compare this with the more familiar piano and organ. Alongside the harpsichord other group members played the cello, violin and a number of different recorders. This gave the children the chance to hear the different sounds made by the same instrument in different sizes.
The group played a variety of early Elizabethan dance music and pieces of Vivaldi's work, explaining each one and also encouraging audience participation. The children responded really well to the music and really enjoyed the experience. 
This opportunity was really appreciated by all those attending. The children were enthralled by the live music they heard and many of our musicians were inspired by the group. We would like to thank Red Priest and all those involved in Newnham Music Festival for inviting us to see them.