Knex Challenge

6th January 2017
Class Three took part in the Knex Challenge this afternoon. This is a competition led by STEM and involves working in pairs to make a model that meets a set criteria. The children had an hour to create their models.
The challenge this time was to build a rescue vehicle which could travel on roads and could rescue people from a set height. The vehicle needed to be strong and stable.
At the end of the challenge Class One came to see what sort of vehicles had been created as they're theme this term is 'People Who Help Us'. Class Three enjoyed showing their models and explaining their ideas.
All the children worked really well and created some fantastic models. It was interesting to see how they rose to the challenge and the different ways they tackled it. We had vehicles of varying sizes and a collection of different ladders and systems to rescue the people. One group even made a lift using a pulley system.
Once they had completed the challenge the judge had a difficult job deciding who the winner should be. She was looking for a strong and stable model that met the criteria. She was also looking for a team that worked well together, cooperating with each other and showing good communication skills.
The winning pair was Tilly and Reuben. Interestingly they were the only girl/boy pair. They will be going on to the regional final later on in the year.