Horse Chestnut Art

23rd October 2020
This term half of Horse chestnut Class have been completing their art unit whilst the rest of the class do their computing. Next term they will swap so that they all experience both subjects.
Our art unit has focussed on sketching and clay skills. As part of our theme learning we have been describing our own dragons and during our art lessons we have been drawing our dragon eyes. We have explored what effects we can achieve with different grades of sketching pencils and honed our skills in shading to create detail and 3D effects.
Once we had several designs for our eyes we were able to move onto using clay. We began by reminding ourselves of how we can use it. We experimented with the various tools to see how we could create scales and add detail and texture to our eyes. 
We learned how to make slip and use it to stick pieces of clay together. We needed to remember to score, slip, stick, squash and smooth to join our work successfully!
Experimenting over we then started work on our dragon eyes! We took two weeks to create them, learning how to store clay models so we could continue to work on them.
Once they were dry we painted our models with metallic and pearlized paint to really bring them to life.