School Council - Playground Equipment

14th February 2020
Our School Council have spent this term investigating ways to make our play times more interesting. Everyone agreed that we needed more equipment but the School Council were keen to make some changes to give some different choices of play time activities and to promote friendship and cooperation during play.
The School Council have planned five different themes for play time, one for each day. They have purchased new equipment for each day and wheeled storage to make it easily accessible. This week most of the new equipment has arrived and today the School Council unveiled the new plan to the whole school.
On Monday the theme is Large balls and footballs, netballs and odd balls will be available for play. Tuesday is circus skills and music. We have circus equipment on order and a large dustbin in which we are collecting pots, pans and utensils for creating junk music. Wednesday is skipping day with a variety of skipping ropes, ankle skippers, hoops and pole skippers to enjoy. On Thursday we have balance day, and we have stilts, skis, parachute and space hoppers to help increase our balance. Finally on Friday we have small ball day with a variety of small balls and bats to play with along with some new targets. Every day we will also have stop watches and the new board game tables available for use. 
The School Council is very excited about seeing everyone enjoy the new equipment after half term.