Class 3 visit to Dean Heritage Centre

24th February 2016
On Wednesday Class 3 enjoyed an educational visit to the Dean Heritage Centre. Their theme this term is 'Minecraft' and they were at the centre to find out more about the timeline of the Forest of Dean including the Stone Age and Iron age. They also looked at the history of mining in the Forest of Dean and of Charcoal Burning and its importance in industry.
Class Three also looked at the displays about charcoal burning and why it was so important in the Forest of Dean. Coppicing in the forest produced wood ideal to create charcoal and the charcoal was used to smelt iron ore mined from the forest.
The children then went up to the charcoal burners camp and saw the hut that the burner and his family would live in. They listened to a story about the life of a charcoal burner and imagined what it would be like to live their life.
Each year group then had a competition to build a central stack from logs. This was the beginning of a charcoal burner stack and was used to vent the charcoal. Each year group chose to split girls against boys to build their stack. Working together they timed themselves to see who could make the tallest stack. Team work was imprtant to get the task done.
Class Three really enjoyed their visit to the Deane Heritage Centre and would like to thank Jo, Ken and Sid for working with them. There is so much to see at the centre and they didn't have time to see it all.
Why not go and see for yourself?
Class Three took part in an archeology workshop looking at the timeline of the Forest of Dean and learned about the people who have lived there.  They were able to examine artifacts from the Stone Age, Iron Age and Saxon times and learn about how they tell us about how they lived. They learned that Romans settled in the Forest because the area was rich in Iron Ore.
Each year group also participated in a mining workshop. They learned about the rocks and ores that were mined in the Forest of Dean. They also learned about the history of Freemining in the Forest of Dean and how some freeminers still worked in the forest.
They looked at the replica mine at the centre and learned about how miners dressed and the difficulties they faced when working in a free mine. They learned about what work children did in the mine and had a go at pulling the mine cart themselves.