Coronavirus Updates

 Dear Parents/Carers,
Thank you for the continuing support you are giving the school and your children with remote learning. In order to ensure that learning, which is completed at home on paper, is not lost, we are supplying the children in Class 2 and Class 3 with a lined-book and a grid book. Children in Class 1 will have a folder to support their learning.
These books are to be used by the children to do their maths and any other written learning that is required, before uploading onto Google Classrooms. If your child is using sheets to complete their work, these can also be stuck into their book or folder, then photographed and uploaded to Google Classrooms as you are doing now. If you want to write directly into the book, then take a photo of the page or pages to upload, this is also acceptable. Class 2 & 3 have included on the front cover of the books the expectation for presentation. These books and folders are to be brought back into school when we are all able to return together.
We would be grateful if you could arrange for your child’s book or folder to be collected from the school office between 9am and 2.30pm any day from Tuesday 19th January to Friday 22nd January. If this is a problem for anyone, please contact the school and we will try to assist in their delivery. We will also supply any additional books that might be needed, if they are filled up!
With grateful thanks to you all.
David Crunkhurn
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We have created this short video to demonstrate our new procedures for entering school at the beginning of the day and show what our classes look like under our new normal. Please share it with your child so they are familiar with the changes before they return to school on Monday.
As we begin the staged return to school under the government's guidance please read this important information from Mr C. 
Please click on the link below to see the latest updates regarding school closure due to coronavirus.
During our school closure we will be keeping in touch via our class Instagram. We will be sharing news of what you are all up to with your learning at home and sharing new challenges and activities. You can send us your news via the class emails. Please see below for details.
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