At Westbury school we have three classes and preschool as well as a pastoral suite. 
Elvers is our Preschool and is overseen by Mrs Hanson and led by Mrs Trigg and Mrs Hayward. Their classroom adjoins Swallowtails enabling them to share both inside and outside areas and provide continuous provision. 
Swallowtails is our Reception and Year 1 class and is taught by Mrs Hansen with support from the class Teaching Partner, Mrs Young.
Woodpeckers is our Year 2 and 3 class and is taught by Mrs Sim and Miss Wills, who job-share with the support of the class Teaching Partner, Mrs Henry and our volunteer, Mrs Lyons.
Horse Chestnuts is our year 4, 5 and 6 class and is taught by Mrs Roseblade-Bargh.  She is supported by the class Teaching Partners, Mrs Noad and Mrs McCartney and Mrs Kift.
The Dandelion Suite is our pastoral area and is where our ELSAs, Mrs Noad and Mrs Henry are based in the afternoons. They use this space for a variety of individual, small group and year groups to explore their emotional wellbeing and support their mental health.
As a small school we are very flexible with our staffing arrangements and teachers and TAs often work in different classes. This enables staff to see progress across the school and for the school to utilise individuals areas of expertise.