Class Three Visit to Corinium Museum

14th September 2017
To introduce our theme 'Savage Saxons and Vicious Vikings' Class Three visited the Corinium Museum at Cirencester. We began the visit by taking part in a workshop exploring artifacts found in an Anglo Saxon cemetery at Butlers Field in Letchlade in 1985.
Each group had the artifacts from one grave and had to use them to learn about whose grave it was. The questions we had to answer were. Was the occupant male or female? Were they old or young?  Were they healthy or sick?
Then some of us dressed as the occupants of the grave and we laid them and the artifacts out as they had been found. It was strange to think that the real skeletons and articles were in the museum and that we had been learning about real people.
Next we were given replica skeletons of the occupants of our grave and we used these to help us answer the questions. We were looking at the size of the bones and whether they had milk or adult teeth to help us decide on their age. We learned that males had broader shoulders and females wider hips which helped us identify our person. We looked for injuries and at the state of their teeth to help discover if they had died in an accident or battle or of illness. We were told that in the cemetery the average age of the oldest occupants was just 27 years old.
After lunch we looked around the Anglo Saxon gallery in the museum and learned lots more about them and how they lived.
We had a fantastic day and learned lots about Anglo Saxons. We also brought a box of artifacts back to school to use in our learning next week.