Class 3 visit to Cadbury World

15th September 2016
We began our Scrumdiddlyumptious theme in Class Three with a visit to Cadbury World to find out more about chocolate, how it is made and the people who first discovered it.
Our visit started with an amazing 4D experience during which we travelled through pipes of melted chocolate, flew through the air and rode on the scariest roller coaster!
Next we went to the education room for a talk on the Mayans where we learned aout their culture, customs and how they discovered chocolate. We challanged our maths skills by using their number system to solve some problems.
After lunch we entered the main Cadbury factory to learn more about the history of chocolate, when it first came to this country, how it is made and the importance of the Cadbury family. We saw some life size scenes showing the history and some holographs which explained when chocolate first came to England. We learned about chocolate houses and the Cadbury family.
We then watched chocolate being tempered and made into individual chocolates and lolipops and had some melted chocolate to try. We had a choice of toppings to mix into the chocolate.
Our visit ended with a ride through a fantasy Cadbury World and a look at advertisements from the past. Mrs Sim and Mrs Noad entertained us by singing some of the slogans they remembered from when they were children and we even saw a concert from the Cadbury gorilla.
We really enjoyed beginning our theme with a visit and it has sparked our interest in the Mayans and the history of chocolate. We look forward to finding out more during our theme learning this term.