Class 3 History Visit

1st May 2019
Class 3 began their term's theme of Groovy Greeks by visiting the Ashmoelan Museum in Oxford to find out more about the Ancient Greeks and how they lived. They were guided through the galleries and given the opportunity to explore and discover by examining the sculptures. They learned about why the subjects were important and a little about the Greek Myths that some sculptures featured in. They were able to vote for their favourite using the voting system the Ancient Greeks used.
The children were able to examine artifacts from Ancient Greece and form their own ideas of what they were and what information we can obtain from them. They then shared ideas to see if they had been correct. 
After lunch the class enjoyed the chance to explore more of the museum. Some children found galleries featuring the Bronze and Iron Age they had learned about in previous themes and enjoyed finding out more from the displays.
The museum is a beautiful building full of amazing displays and artifacts. It's well worth a visit if you're interested in history.