Class 3 Cadbury World Visit

10th October 2019
These are just a small selection of photos of the visit. More can be found on Class Three's Instagram page.
As part of their theme learning Class Three visited Cadbury World to learn more about the Mayan culture and the importance of the coco bean to them. They also learned more about the production of chocolate.
It was a very busy day. The class were fascinated to learn about the Cadbury family and the Bournville village that they created for their workforce. They had the opportunity to find out more about this before going into their talk about the Mayans.
The Cadbury empire started out as a small shop selling tea!
Several members of the class were able to dress as Mayans during the talk. They learned how Mayans used coco beans as currency. They also learned that warriors wore their hair long whilst criminals had theirs cut short! Everyone enjoyed trying to play Pokatok, a Mayan game played by men over 15 in which the losing team captain, or whole team, had their heads chopped off! The captain's head was often used to fill the ball for the next game. Thankfully we all left the talk unharmed!
Roald Dahl boarded in the Priory House at Repton School which received boxes of Cadbury chocolate  to taste test. Possibly where his inspiration for Willie Wonka and his chocolate factory came from!
After lunch the children enjoyed the Cadbury tour, discovering how to temper and pipe chocolate and getting to taste some too!
Class Three learned a great deal from their visit and would like to thank the Friends of Westbury for contributing to the cost.