Class 2 Visit to Primrose Vale Farm

18th October 2016
As part of their theme learning Class Two visited Primrose Vale Farm. Mr and Mrs Keene made them very welcome and kindly arranged a variety of activities to enhance their understanding of food and farming.
While on the visit the children discovered what foods easily grow in the area we live in. They learned that some foods could be grown for longer by using polytunnels. They were able to pick and eat strawberries and raspberries from the tunnels.
The children tasted several different types of apple, learning about the varieties that are grown at Primrose Vale Farm and why. They rated each apple, awarding trophies for those they thought tasted the best. They also tested apples using iodine to find out if they were ripe.
Whilst on a tour of the farm the children met Westbury School's christmas tree which the Keenes are growing for us!
Thank you to Mr and Mrs Keene and all at Primrose Vale for making Class Two so welcome.