Class 2 Slimbridge Visit

11th July 2017
As part of their theme learning Class 2 visited Slimbridge Wetland Wildlife Reserve. While they were there they were able to see birds from different continents. They had great fun spotting the young chicks and ducklings and feeding the various birds.
They visited the otters at feeding time and listened to the talk about them. Slimbridge has three otters, Flo, who is 15, is mum to eight year old Mini and HaHa. The children learned that otters can swim  eight miles an hour and swim under water for six minutes. They love eating fish but will also eat frogs and small mammals. The otters were very playful and very agile in the water due to their webbed feet and flattened tail which they move up and down like a rudder.
After visiting the otters the class went to the pond area for a talk on the importance of ponds and what type of creatures live in them and what they need to survive. They then had a pond dipping session and discovered lots of wildlife living in the pond. They caught Water Snails, Ramshorn snails, Water Hogs Louse, fish, Flat Worms and Water Boatmen. They looked at some of the creatures under a microscope and discussed the features that helped them to move and to stay safe.
After lunch there was just time for a quick tour of Toad Hall to see the amphibians. Some of the tree frogs were very exotic colours and very poisonous.
Class 2 had a lovely day and had lots to talk about after their visit.