Class 1

Welcome to Class One
In Class One we enjoy exploring the world we live in, both in our classroom and our outdoor area, and in Welly Wednesday. We learn through practical activities, individually and in groups. We are learning to work together and to share our ideas and experiences. Our Reception children have a good relationship with their Year Six Buddies and enjoy sharing their learning with them.
Class One is our EYFS and lower Key Stage 1 class and is home to our Reception and Year 1 children. They are taught by Mrs Hansen with the support of the class T.A, Mrs Young.
Class One have Welly Wednesday on Wednesday and need their forest school kit in school for this. They have P.E on Tuesday and Friday and need to have P.E kit in school for this. Reception have violin lesson on Thursday.
This term our theme is 'Super Heros' and we are very excited about learning more about how we can all be super heros.