Children's Mental Health Week

8th February 2021
It was lovely to see all the work classes were doing in school and remotely to celebrate Children's Mental Health week. 
Our Elvers and Swallowtails were thinking about thoughtfulness and how that helps our wellbeing and also the wellbeing of others. 
"Being thoughtful is thinking in your head what you should do, being nice to each other, being kind to people."
"I helped my mum make a cheesecake for nannies birthday."
"I helped my mum make roast dinner for grandparents."
"I help my friends when they fall over."
Liz decided to make some cards and send them to a couple of her friends to let them know she's missing them.
Ollie really enjoyed this activity he was super excited to receive a picture from Freddie.
Woodpeckers used Coram's SCARF resources to focus on 
SAFETY, CARINGACHIEVEMENTRESILIENCE and FRIENDSHIP, created posters and held a wellbeing afternoon.
In Horse Chestnut class children focussed on the theme of the week, Express Yourself. They created some fantastic resources demonstrating ways they used the Zones of Regulation and various strategies to express themselves and manage their wellbeing. These were then shared and everyone enjoyed a wellbeing afternoon.
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