Art Week

16th June 2017
During Art Week children from Class 2 and 3 focused on Native Aboriginal art and culture. They learned about the importance of dream time stories and the symbols they used to record them. They read several stories and compared them to other creation stories they knew before retelling them using dream time symbols. They then wrote their own dream time stories which we made into a book and added to our display.
The children looked at Aboriginal Art and the type of materials they used. They went into the Forest School area to create their own Aboriginal style art using natural ochre, chalk and charcoal on bark. They used sticks to paint dots to make their patterns.
Mrs Roseblade and William brought in their didgeridoos and we used them and Mrs Noad's drums to create a rythm. We discovered that playing the didgeridoo was very difficult!
The children looked at the work of Georges-Pierre Seurat, who was the originator of the Pointillism Movement. They compared it with  Aboriginal art. They researched different native Austrailian animals and created their own Aboriginal style paintings using pointillism.