Art Week

17th June 2016
This week some children in Class 2 and 3 have participated in Art Week. Our theme has been the 2016 Olympics and we have enjoyed learning about the Olympics and about the host city, Rio.
We researched facts about Rio and compared it to London, host of the 2012 Olympics. We found out about the Rio 'Carnaval' and when and why it is held. We designed and created our own carnaval masks.
We also made some traditional Brazilian sweets eaten at the carnaval, Brigadeiros and  Beijinhos. These are made from condensedc milk and butter and flavoured with cocoa or coconut.
We looked at the Olympic and Paralympic Values of Respect, Excellence, Friendship, Determination, Courage, Equality and Inspiration and thought about what they meant to us and how they fitted with our school values.
We created our own posters about the Olympic and Paralympic values. 
We focussed on the swimming competitions at the Olympic games and took inspiration from David Hockney's art work to create our Olympic Swimming Pool Display.
We applied our colour mixing skills to create tints and tones of blue for our background. We then tie dyed circles of fabric and decorated them with ribbons and beads to create bubbles. We added more bubbles made from old cds decorated with a variety of materials.
In recent years David Hockney has created hundreds of paintings using an ipad and the Brushes Redux app. We used the same app to create our own versions of his pool paintings. We learned to use layers to bulid up the detail in our painting.