52 Lives

4th December 2019
We were delighted to have Greig from 52 Lives School of Kindness join us in school and share the charity's aim of helping to change someones life every week of the year through the power of collective kindness. Through his presentation we learned how the act of kindness not only benefits the recipient but also makes the giver feel better about themselves and also  provide physical benefits such as helping us age less and live longer.
We were invited to join in with 52 Lives Christmas project. This project helps to buy Christmas presents for people who might otherwise not receive anything. Last year, they helped to buy gifts for almost 1000 people staying in refuges, homeless shelters, people suffering domestic abuse, or living in deprivation. As well as providing gifts for them the project sends kind messages to them letting them know that they are thought of and sending Christmas wishes. We were asked to help by creating cards, letters, decorations, games and messages that could be passed on. We're the only the school that will be sending messages as part of the project.
Class 2 and 3 spent the rest of the afternoon creating wonderful messages for Greig to take with him, including writing and performing a song! Greig was amazed at our creativity and also said we were the kindest and most loving school he had visited.